Melanie, please take my hand
I want you in my arms
When this finally ends
Melanie, we'll dance real slow
We'll dance cheek to cheek
As the whole world explodes

The countdown has started
They punched in the code
We'll all just be space debris
Is not a bad way to go I suppose

Melanie there ain't no doubt
It's a once in a lifetime event
We don't want to miss out
Melanie, this chapters closed
Where we wind up from here
I guess nobody knows

The countdown has started
Just you and me now
Together forever and ever
Blasted to space in a nuclear cloud
Melanie, our time is now
The final curtain is closing
Let’s both take a bow
Melanie roll the credits
Let's live these last moments together
With no regrets

The countdown has started
No turning back now
So much for peace and love
When eye for an eye finally brings us all down