Left brain right brain your brain my brain Who's to say who's insane and who's not crazy
Crazy's just a state of mind You've got your state and I've got mine
No pointing fingers from either you or me

Chasing rainbows once the storm blows through Dancing naked underneath the moon Making wishes on a fallen star Catching lightning in a jelly jar
Hear the birds singing in the trees
The bees are hummin for you me
Come on girl take a hold of my hand
We’re taking a stroll of to Crazyland

First time big crush and finding true love
In love and crazy no better place to be
This is so easy ain’t no fuss
Bright horizons soon will find us
Staring in our real-life comedy
A circus romance love at first glance
A happy ending too crazy to believe
Hand in hand cheek to cheek
Dancing to our own secret beat
Let them say we're crazy if they please