The road we choose to travel
Is paved with broken hearts
Lovers come and lovers go
But you knew that from the start
Pieces scattered like a thousand stars
Oh the stories they could tell
What started out as paradise
Didn't end so well

Only love can break your heart
Only love can mend
Only love can make you whole
Only love wins in the end

Love hurts
But love works
In ways we don’t quite understand
Love comes
Love goes
But only love can win
Only love wins in the end

When you body's tired
When you're all alone
And shadows fall like drops of rain
Quietly to the ground
When you think you've reached the end
And can bear no more
With darkness all around you
You curse the day you were born

Dreams will show you the path to take
Love will light your way
To help you through these troubled times
With strength and peace and grace
Dance to your own drum
We're all meant to shine
Sing your song cuz now you're free
Just leave what's lost behind