From this Hangman's gallows I see it's a long way down
When the trap door drops I'll only feel one bounce
To lose these shackles I’ve got one way out
I'm gonna fall but never hit the ground

The preacher in his dark black robe
Wants to know if I'll save my soul
At the last second at the end of a hangman's rope

He wants me to hear those angels sing
At the Pearly Gates of heaven
And not spend all eternity being an outlaw to the end

I spent my whole life stealing and killing
Got my picture on some posters but made a decent livin'
Rode these dusty plains alone keeping the sun at my back
The only thing I've ever trusted was a pistol in my grasp

My last breath's' approaching
Justice being put in motion
There ain't no soft landing where I'm going

Are there really angels singing
At the pearly gates in heaven
Will St Peter let me in
Knowing the outlaw that I’ve been

Looking back now I’ve got just one big regret
Riding off and leaving her with a baby as I did
She begged for me to stay but I just up and left
I'm a Highwayman who needs to ride and will be one till my death

As the hood darkens all the light
And the rope around my throat gets tight
And the sweat from my brow starts to burn my eyes

I ain't gonna hear no angels singing
And nobody welcoming me to heaven
I'm gonna smile big as I swing and go out as the outlaw that I am

I hope there’s some peace in the shadows for me