Left Ohio in the pouring rain
Me and my old guitar chasing dreams
Shut the screen door and I turned the page
The warmth of California is calling me

I’m gonna soothe my hunger in the sunshine jungle
Sing drinking songs and tales of love gone wrong
Sing songs of train rides and strange companions
And angel vagabonds
I'm gonna ride that train
And write my book of songs

This small town just got the best of me
Hard to touch the stars when the mud's this deep
I'll take my lamp and leave their basket
Let em learn to live just what they preach

I gotta go and try to see what fate awaits me
On those LA streets that are paved with broken dreams
You'll never catch a star if you don't believe
You'll never learn to fly if you don't take the leap

Those Cuyahoga winds are blowing through my coat
Like a summer breeze through the porch screen door
And those 3 crows sitting on our broken fence
Will never understand a poet’s wandering