What are we gonna do with this Tennessee mud
That I just tracked across your mamma's nice rug
It will just remind her of where I'm from
And what side of the tracks she thinks I belong

I wasn't raised in a house fine like yours
With fancy curtains and nice polished floors
But I was taught to always kick off by boots
And I just forgot when I found out the news

Mud to your mamma and mud to me
I promise you are two different things

But Tennessee mud births the corn
And the corn fills the stills
And the stills make the shine
For the men in these hills
Folks like your mamma will never understand me because
She doesn't see the love in this Tennessee mud

What are we gonna do now when your daddy finds out
That we're in love and your carrying my child
Will he open his heart or pick up his gun
And send me running to where he thinks I belong

Mud to your daddy and mud to me
I promise you are two different things

I work the land where my Grandfathers lay
Where I learned to drink and fight
And where I learned to pray
And that child that you carry of ours
Will soon learn to love
This life that we’ll soon live together in this Tennessee mud