In a bar in Bandera the sawdust covered the floor
The beer was cold and the room was dark I didn't need much more
Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a vision I could not believe
It was a south Texas beauty an angel the girl of my dreams
She was quick on the draw of a draft and wore red wrangler jeans
And I remember thinking to myself could this really be
Could an angel come down from heaven to this roadhouse saloon
To steal my heart change my life make me smile and shake off these blues

When I look in her eyes you know it's all so hard to believe
That a beautiful lady like her fell in love with a guy me
*Eres muy hermosa you are my world * You are so beautiful
I’m so lost in love with my San Antonio girl

Sometimes love will surprise you sometimes love don't even know why
When your whole world changes when you just look in somebody's eyes
When I got up the nerve and asked her to go for a ride
She just smiled like she knew it was coming and we headed outside

Driving along empty roads under a blanket of stars
With her head on my shoulder never thought that we'd make it this far
Left the whole world behind us gonna start a new life
This South Texas love is all that we needed tonight